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About us


We at Natures Real Sea Moss care about your health.

Natures Real Sea Moss came about from a pivotal life-changing moment. One of our co-founders was diagnosed with a chronic illness, requiring dangerous pharmaceutical medications with dangerous side effects. Seeking alternative methods of treatment, he was forced to research. Finding Dr.Sebi's videos and teaching on YouTube, after doing some extensive understanding of Dr.Sebi methods , he chose the route of all-natural holistic healing and never looked back. 

 Through an alkaline vegan diet, intracellular cleansing herbs from Dr.Sebi's wife, and Sea Moss, our co-founder was able to change his life. He healed himself and stopped suffering. Seeing his results, he was motivated to change his friend’s and family’s lives too. Now, we hope we can do the same for you.

 We are devoted to changing the lives of as many people as possible through educating and making them aware of the many uses and nutritional benefits of wild-grown Sea Moss. Believing that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy - our mission is to help empower those who are in search of alternative health products with the necessary tools. We want to help you achieve and maintain an optimal level of wellness. 

 Natures Real Sea Moss was born out of the love and passion for Sea Moss and the nutritional benefits it has provided our founders and their family. We want to share the benefits of an alkaline diet from Dr.sebi's nutritional guide, herbs, and Sea Moss with the world. 

 Dr.Sebi was one of the first natural healers to promote the use of seaweed in his healing therapy. He emphasized the use of this superfood. He used it to heal and nourish the body. Dr.Sebi's legacy will live on through his teachings of health, wellness, love, and unity. Following what he taught us, we want to thank Dr.sebi for dramatically changing our lives through his teachings. We wish the same changes for you as well as peace and love. RIP DR.Sebi