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Fake Seamoss

True, Wholesome, REAL Sea Moss Is Never Fake! 

 Fake Sea Moss, aka pool grown Sea Moss, is grown in pools of saltwater and brine. A growing process that tries to mimic the ocean but lacks the quality and nutrients only nature can provide, pool grown Sea Moss is thick and has a salt layer on it. Real Sea Moss has no visible salt on it. There is also another type of “fake” Sea Moss, which is farmed” Sea Moss. This type is where they take very young Sea Moss, put it on a string in the ocean, and grow it. This does not have the minerals and nutrition that nature intends. REAL Sea Moss gets its minerals by attaching itself onto the rocks of the ocean, and from that rock, it receives its nutrients. Real Sea moss that is nourished by the rocks of the sea  is very thin, farmed Seamoss and pool grown Sea moss is thick and contains a lot of Mucilage. The best way to know if you have real Sea Moss is to see how thick it is, especially once it has been soaked in water. Real Seamoss will expand but not too thick. 


WARNING! Some people/companies sell fake Sea Moss that is not fit for human consumption and can be dangerous. Be careful and do your research before purchasing Sea Moss


 It is important to purchase quality, raw, organic, wild-grown Sea Moss from reputable companies…. LIKE OURS! Purchase ours and see the real difference.