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100% Organic wildcrafted Chaney root

100% Organic wildcrafted Chaney root

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Chaney Root, also known as Cocolmeca Bark, is a powerful natural remedy with numerous health benefits. It is rich in iron, making it effective for cleansing the blood and promoting physical strength. This root is commonly used in Jamaica and South and Central America for its medicinal properties.


Some of the key health benefits of Chaney Root include:

1. Cleaning the blood and boosting physical strength

2. Treating impotence (low sex drive) and boosting sexual stamina

3. Alleviating symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis

4. Supporting those with anemia and low blood count

5. Providing relief for autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's, and diabetes

6. Supporting skin health by treating conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rashes

7. Dissolving fibroids and tumors

8. Enhancing energy levels and combating fatigue

9. Relieving menstrual pain and kidney disease

10. Boosting the immune system and overall vitality


The iron content in Chaney Root is crucial for maintaining energy levels and supporting cognitive function, as low iron levels can lead to fatigue and cognitive impairment. Regular consumption of Chaney Root can help in maintaining overall health and vitality.